What to Expect at a Bra Fitting

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We often recommend giving yourself an hour for your bra fitting-- we don't want you to feel rushed in the experience, and we want you to have the time to make the right decision in choosing a bra!


At your bra fitting, we'll ask you what type of bra you're looking for. Most often our customers are looking for an everyday bra that's comfortable, while others have different preferences (for under specific outfits or we'll learn about their preferences). Once we determine what we're looking for, we'll take a rough measurement as a starting point.


We have specific bras in the store that we consider our 'fit bras,' and we'll often have you try one of these on to get a good idea of what size you are. Often times our customers fall in love with our fit bra, and end up buying that one-- but from there we take your size and show you different options if you're interested in seeing them. We stock many styles in black and nude, and we'll pick up different colours in our best-selling bras when we see one we love!


Every bra fits differently-- so even after your "size" is determined, you'll have to try on to ensure a proper fit. We may have to make some adjustments-- whether that is simply adjusting your straps, or changing band or cup size. Sizing is not consistent even within brands, so a proper fitting is necessary to get the best possible bra for your shape.


When you find you're ready for a new bra, it's always best to come in for another bra fitting. We recommend coming at least once a year to make sure you're wearing the right size and getting the right support. A bra typically lasts 6 months to one year with constant wear, so being fitted regularly is a good idea. Our bodies change all the time, and your bra size is no exception!